The WeSharesh Project

Hunger and malnourishment, as reported by Unicef, becomes a larger problem during times of economic instability. With over 1.7B adults un-banked and an even larger but unknown number of children that are un-banked, during times of economic instability, emergency donation aid cannot directly reach the people in need. This has led to intermediaries being formed to provide support, in many cases, they are not transparent or using donation money for the cause intended.

WeSharish is an app built for distributing digital food vouchers directly to those in need. Using blockchain we provide a transparent, cost-effective and secure way to distribute food vouchers that can be used across our foodbank and supermarkets partners.


The app allows families and their children to receive food voucher donations from anywhere in the world (say from the UK to Africa) while not requiring a bank account, we call this feature “direct donations”. Meaning, food vouchers can be donated directly to the un-banked and without any delays, donations can reach those in need instantly. Because food vouchers can only purchase food across our list of food partners, the people who donate through the app can know for sure that their donations only provide food to the families & children they are supporting. 

Our food voucher system uses blockchain technology, this lets us create a donation system that is truly transparent and also with no intermediaries, meaning vouchers are sent to those in need directly. We call this feature "direct donations". In being able to donate food vouchers directly, even if the person is un-banked, say a child for example, emergency support can be provided instantly.

In our next version of the app, for food to be purchased its barcode must be scanned by the app. In doing so, we can track nutritional intake and present it via a dashboard to donors, foodbanks and NGOs. With data like this not only is their progress in removing hunger, but also in reducing malnutrition. In doing so, there will be less stunted growth among children, they will grow up to be healthier and happier.

We have one aim with the Wesharish project, to support un-banked families & children. We have chosen to begin our postive impact in the area of food. Going forward, we will use blockchain and our mobile app to create transparent & accessible voucher systems for health care, education and much more...